Penstock Pipe Placement

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When Peter Kiewit Sons came looking for a means of placing 80” diameter penstock pipe on slopes so steep even goats stay away, we responded with a self contained mobile yarding system that would help keep their client satisfied...learn more

Marine Services

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Need a load moved on Harrison Lake? Our 120’ x 40’ ramp barge is available year round to meet your needs. In our 10 years of service, we’ve moved hundreds of thousands of tonnes of freight including cabins, sand and gravel...learn more

Remote Access Construction

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Southview has the ability to MOB any kind of construction job, big or small, with a specialty in sites requiring remote access co-ordination. We recently aided Peter Kiewit in the construction of a microwave tower site at Slollicum Creek...learn more


Southviewapplying local knowledge and old time expertise with modern equipment and innovative ideas. learn more

Welcome to the world of Southview, a heavy equipment and marine forestry and construction contractor located in Southwestern BC, Canada. We pride ourselves in being able to offer expert services in order to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. We specialize in hydro-electric steep slope support, general marine services on Harrison Lake, log sorting, and construction solutions.

Our Services

  • Log sorting and booming
  • Barging on Harrison Lake
  • Crewboat/water taxi on Harrison Lake
  • Remote Access Construction Projects
  • Land Clearing and roadbuilding
  • Independent Power Project Support
  • Steep Slope Yarding Support System
  • Aggregate Sales and development

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Phone:  866.413.1785 
Address:  P.O. Box 2006 Sardis Stn Main, Chilliwack, B.C. V2R-1A5 Canada